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  Lian Du district, the southwest of Zhejiang Province,the middle reaches of the Oujiang。It's Founded in AD 589 (Suikai Huang 9 ), after Kuocang County, Lishui County, Lishui City (county level) formed。In July 2000, dismantling the city to built the area.The region exempted five towns and seven townships, and six streets (which Shuige streets commissioned by the City Economic Development Zone Management CMC), 368 administrative villages, 22 communities. The Population of 380,000, of which she, hui, Miao, Zhuang, and other 19 ethnic minority population of 23,200. Total area of 1,502 square kilometers, of which 11,100 hectares of farmland, woodland 117,000 ha, 4,700 ha waters. In 2008, the city realized GDP of 13.302 billion yuan, up 10%; primary industry added value 1.082 billion yuan, up 4.3%; the secondary industry 5.594 billion yuan, up 9.3%; the tertiary industry 6.682 billion yuan, an increase of 11.6%. Total financial revenue 750 million yuan, up 19.3% over the previous year, of which the local financial revenue 390 million yuan, an increase of 13.5%. Investment in fixed assets amounted 1.238 billion yuan, up 21.2%; total retail sales of 6.19 billion yuan of social consumer goods, up 20%; local export 27.02 million U.S. dollars, an increase of 70.9. Disposable income of urban residents was 19,878 yuan , up 6.9%; rural per capita net income 6402 yuan, up 13.8%.

    The main terrain in Lishui is Hill land and mountains , there are Bihu and suburban two major plains, is a subtropical monsoon climate, warm and humid, four distinct seasons. Abundant natural resources, forest reserves has 2.069 million cubic meters , the coverage rate of 79.9 percent. 2,234 cubic meters of water resources per capita that higher than the national average; water resources reserves of 285,000 kilowatts and 65,000 kilowatts has been developed. A wide range of biological resources, there are 655 kinds of plants, over 400 kinds of animals. Mineral resources are silver, lead, zinc, Yingshi, quartz, and so on more than 20 kinds.
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